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DigiSys offers technology to address management requirements for all aspects of business operations of any size. We proudly provide the following Software products:


DigiSys Call Accounting System

The DigiSys Call Accounting System, DCAS, is a software application designed to provide a comprehensive computerized solution to the information management and cost

control of telephone communications throughout businesses of any size and in any domain of activity. The system is characterized by the following features:




o Runs with MS- Windows all versions including virtual machine

o Network ready with MS- Access or MS- SQL database support

o Departmental and individual billing

o Application level support for Customer and Project billing

o Outgoing, Incoming, Internal billing

o Ability to control phone calls use and provide phone call charges to guest

o Phonebook functionality

o Option to Exports reports (Excel, PDF…)

o Easy to install

o No system management required

o Helps in budgeting & monitoring calls

o Schedule reports generation with auto sending reports by e mail as attachments

o Currencies per country (local, foreign1, foreign2)

o Real time information report

o Enterprise option for multisite environment; enables the aggregation of all remote sites into a central database with extensive reporting features across all sites

o Web interface to access the database and generate reports


DigiSys Payroll and Human Resources system

The Payroll and Human Resources System facilitates the management of the HR department’s daily tasks, thanks to the features below:



Human Resources

o Recruitment

o Manage Employees personal info

o Employees Evaluations

o Employees Trainings

o Employees Travels

o Compensation & Benefit

Cost & Budget Time Attendance

o Import data from attendance machine directly or from a file/database.

o Daily/weekly/monthly schedule by employee

o Daily Attendance configuration by Employee (Grace periods, night shifts, overtime…)

o Attendance & Efficiency sheet according to the imported data compared with schedules (if available)

o Leaves Configuration (Annual – Sick…)


o Customized Income data by employee

o Payroll calculation for Daily & Monthly employees

o Ability to calculate extra months (13th, 14th…)

o Provision calculation

o R5, R6, R10 statements are printed directly from the system or exported to Excel


Tasmeen ERP

Tasmeen is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that manages accounting, inventory control, production control, cost control, payroll and human resources, and point of sale management information in one, integrated software application. The system features the following:

o Modules are fully interfaced and independent

o The different Modules offer unique connectivity to third party software to help in easy- integration with existing MIS and legacy systems

o Multi- company: The system is designed to support organizations that have several operating companies and divisions. The system can handle multiple warehouses, cost centers and points of sales, with aggregation and consolidation reports across the multiple companies

Multiple currencies

The system enables you to operate in multiple currencies.

Custom Application development

DigiSys can develop customized applications depending on the client’s needs

Customized build

o Designed to suit the customer’s business demand

o User friendly applications

o Easy to understand and to manage